First, I oh-so-carefully registered That cost me $75. (If you think that's hunky-dory, go back and read that first sentence more slowly.) Discovering the error when the receipt arrived from Network Solutions, I immediately e-mailed a plea to customer service for help -- to have it returned, "sorry, your envelope sender is in my badmailfrom list."

With trepidation, I picked up the phone and blathered the lesbian word to some 1-800 stranger in the United States of Homophobia, and asked if I had to pay another 75 smackers to get the proper domain name. She said she was herself opionated, canceled the original order, then re-registered for me. She called me Miss Eleanor all the way through. My stomach flipped. I got the new registration minutes later: HORRORS. It said In the plural.

I'm an egotist. I called back. Yet again, an intensely pleasant customer service rep canceled the mess and re-registered for me. Welcome to A full morning of sheepishness went into its making.

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