Opinionated Lesbian : Boring Ole Adminhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/category/1019.aspxen-USCommunityServer 1.1 (Build: bloghttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2006/06/30/4886.aspxFri, 30 Jun 2006 17:56:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:4886eleanor2http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/4886.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=4886Ah well, the best laid plans.... I want to say hello to the new folks who are discovering this blog. It's a mix of things, this odd creation. Some dumb jokes, a few fun discoveries, reviews of literature, movies and other readings. Lots of questions, and a few opinions.<br><br> The opinions are my own, of course, not those of employers. Although, to be truthful, even some of these opinions are not my own. They are ideas thrown out for discussion. Some I discard, some I keep. That's one of the delightful things of debate, both with readers and with myself. Ideas are for the joy of them.<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4886" width="1" height="1">tooooo sweatyhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2006/06/28/4880.aspxWed, 28 Jun 2006 21:10:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:4880eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/4880.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=4880Yer scribe is hot and in a bad way. I'm taking a break until Monday. Read ya then!<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4880" width="1" height="1">Eyes glazing.... glazing....http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2006/06/16/4768.aspxFri, 16 Jun 2006 11:10:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:4768eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/4768.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=4768A quick admin reminder that comments can be accessed by clicking on each post's headline.<br><br> That is all.<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4768" width="1" height="1">Cheater deaterhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2006/06/06/4638.aspxWed, 07 Jun 2006 00:38:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:4638eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/4638.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=4638Fooled ya. I wrote two blurbs for Monday, pre-programmed the new (-ish) upgrade to post 'em yesterday (at decent intervals), and ran off to Ottawa for three computer-free days. An' it worked.<br><br> Tsk.<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4638" width="1" height="1">Geeks onlyhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2006/05/16/4493.aspxTue, 16 May 2006 17:01:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:4493eleanor1http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/4493.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=4493Internerdnicks will be interested to know that the new, "moderated" feedback section (meaning write whatever you want as long as it's not a salespitch for your friggin' crap) is working nicely. The <a href="http://www.opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2005/06/07/1307.aspx" target="_blank">poker people</a> have disappeared.<br><br> The new web pests are selling the (possibly addictive) weight loss drug <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phentermine" target="_Blank">Phentermine.</a> But not at Oples! Or at least, not to Oples readers. Me, I'm tempted by their wily compliments, filed in the admin areas, and the way they keep trying to create whole new posts just to discuss their product. Oooo, code crackers are sexay.<br><br> A reminder that the comments section for each post is accessible by clicking on that post's headline. Ciao, bayby. <img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4493" width="1" height="1">Ta-raaaa! Ta-raaa, ta-raaa!http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2006/04/03/4346.aspxTue, 04 Apr 2006 00:45:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:4346eleanor3http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/4346.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=4346JESUS FUCKING H. CHRIST ON A STICK!<BR><BR> THE COMMENTS ARE COMING! THE COMMENTS ARE COMING!<BR><BR> Click on the headline,<br> scroll down to the end,<br> find a word oh-so-fine:<br> "Comments"! Forfend!<br><br> 'Tis a sight fer sore eyes --<br> I'll hype it up, babble!<br> For too long it's been 'byes<br> to the words of the rabble.<br><br> I beseech you, prithee,<br> inundate Oples with words:<br> Published they'll be,<br> except for those goddamn <a href="http://www.opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2005/06/07/1307.aspx" target="_blank">poker ads.</a><br><br> The rest a youse, type!<BR> Give us a sentence --<br> please! Send over a gripe.<br> We need sustenance.<br><br> For your patience, plaudits.<br> We've been suff'rin' fits<br> o'er here… ah, but anon!<br> All's good. A new dawn.<br><br> Beautiful, izn't it?<br> Now let's get on with biz'nit. <img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4346" width="1" height="1">Watch those members risehttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2005/11/16/4026.aspxWed, 16 Nov 2005 14:08:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:4026eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/4026.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=4026Blog traffic always shoots up when certain key words appear together in a post. Words like "women" and "fucking." Or "lesbians" and "one-on-one" and "sex." Or "Oprah topless." Suddenly, Oples gets attention!<br><br> Yes, you could call it fraud. Or you could call it... culture jamming.<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=4026" width="1" height="1">Admin: Oihttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2005/11/04/3991.aspxFri, 04 Nov 2005 13:45:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:3991eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/3991.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=3991This blog's entire 11-month life has been a dial-up experience. Until today. Yippee! Now on to other news.<br /><br /> The censorship subroutine has been ixnayed, but it looks like every old post needs to be resaved to rid itself of previous programming. Meanwhile, assume every *** is the word "lesbian." Though it might also be, oh, asshole, bastard, breast, dildo, dyke, fuck, lesbo, pussy, queer, schmuck, shit, slut, tits, or smut. Did all those words come through?<br /><br /> There were other filtered phrases, but I don't even know what some mean. I need to get out more.<br /><br /> There are some compatibility problems with my Mac, too; when I access a post, random spaces are added, which explains why words in this very blurb may look funny. It's also screwing up some links.<br /><br /> And of course, internal links need to be reprogrammed. I'll take advantage of all this crap to add some more categories (Music, natch). All to say I'm working on it, but most complications will need the weekend.<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=3991" width="1" height="1">Admin: There is much joy in Mudvillehttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2005/11/03/3988.aspxThu, 03 Nov 2005 17:01:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:3988eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/3988.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=3988My peoples! Lend me your eyes. After endless travails, patches, and other whatchamacallit fix-its, this blog has changed servers. The down-time crankyfests are of the past (please please please). We're talkin' techie upgrades and the casting off of a cert ain telephone company from h-e-double-toothpicks (the Business Emporium's Largest Lie: "We'll fix it right awaaaay....")<br /><br /> In short, welcome to Opinionated Lesbian v.2. Today we tweak. The much missed Comments section will be back, too! And spam-damn-free.<br /><br /> Dang, I'm pleased about this. It's been a long haul. Many thanks for your patience. I must ask for just a smidgeon more, because there'll be a bug or two. What? It was down 10 minutes ago? What? The word "lesbian" keeps being replaced a utomatically by ***s? UhhhhhhHHHHhhh.) We'll correct zippy-quick.    <img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=3988" width="1" height="1">Owning the mediumhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2005/01/23/200.aspxSun, 23 Jan 2005 19:07:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:200eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/200.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=200The site OpinionatedLesbian.com went live yesterday. Yippee!<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=200" width="1" height="1">Welcomehttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/archive/2005/01/08/162.aspxSat, 08 Jan 2005 21:25:00 GMT1699ad35-f2dc-4638-baa9-b4a122144f8e:162eleanor0http://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/comments/162.aspxhttp://opinionatedlesbian.com/bulletin/opinionatedlesbian/commentrss.aspx?PostID=162First I oh-so-carefully registered opionatedlesbian.com. That cost me $75. (If you think that's hunky-dory, go back and read that first sentence more slowly.) Discovering the error when the receipt arrived from Network Solutions, I immediately e-mailed a plea to customer service for help -- to have it returned, "sorry, your envelope sender is in my badmailfrom list." With trepidation, I picked up the phone and blathered the lesbian word to some 1-800 stranger in the United States of Homophobia, and asked if I had to pay another 75 smackers to get the proper domain name. She said she was herself opionated, canceled the original order, then re-registered for me. She called me Miss Eleanor all the way through. My stomach flipped. I got the new registration minutes later: HORRORS. It said opinionatedlesbians.com. In the plural. I'm an egotist. I called back. Yet again, an intensely pleasant customer service rep canceled the mess and re-registered for me. Welcome to OpinionatedLesbian.com. A full morning of sheepishness went into its making.<img src="http://opinionatedlesbian.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=162" width="1" height="1">