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Against Marriage

Against Marriage

January 27, 2005 9:31 AM

Why We Should Support Polygamy

October 2004 Every so often, a heterosexual should be inducted into the halls of lesbian heroism. I nominate the Arizona polygamist, Ida Hunt. The United States Congress banned marriage to more than one person in 1882, and its practitioners could

January 21, 2005 9:11 PM

Ban Same-sex Marriage

September 2004 I wanted gay marriage to be banned in Canada. I refused to watch the House of Commons debate on the opposition party-introduced motion that marriage be restricted to a union of two people of the opposite sex. The "discussion" would be

January 21, 2005 9:10 PM

Marriage Ignores Our Culture

September 2003 Our leading politicians have proven the depths of their knee-knocking cowardice by appointing two gay-positive judges to the Supreme Court of Canada. And in doing so -- in giving us the most gay-positive court we've ever seen -- politicians