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I heart Darfur

"Darfur is Dying" is a video game designed to make you learn and to make you care. You live in a refugee camp, and your first task is to get water.

Is this just too darned earnest to be a good game? Another question: "We must not be afraid of putting people in the shoes of groups or people or individuals that are not comfortable, that we don't like, or think we don't like," says video game critic Ian Bogost.

"It's very easy to look at any one side in this conflict, and say these are the good guys and these are bad guys, but if we've learned anything in the 21st century already, it's that maybe there are no good guys and bad guys anymore."

So villagers who join a murderous militia might do so to avoid starvation.I'm sure that's absolutely true for many. Heck, we all hope that's the reason for everybody who's toting a gun, eh? But they might be killing people because, well, they like to kill people. Which is, much as we might hate to admit it, sometimes true. Evil exists, and we need to be able to see all realities, not just hope for the best one.