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Giving Margaret Somerville the last word

The good doc (both earned and hon.) has received her award.

She favours queer civil unions, but not marriage, where the rights of children and of adults clash. "I'm pro gay rights and I'm anti discrimination against gays…. But I think same-sex marriage is one of the things where children's rights trump gay rights," she said recently on CBC radio. And yeah, she had the opportunity to go on about what a martyr she is (your scribe rolls her eyes: I told ya so), claiming that younger colleagues are afraid to speak out against gay marriage because they won’t get cushy university jobs or tenure. As if.

But here's the very bestest part of her interview, as transcribed by moi: Somerville is fine with being despised. "I'm prepared to put up with that… it's really part of my job."

So far, it's all good. "I've often thought, you know, I live not in the country of my birth, I've got no children or partner, and I don't have any relatives in Canada -- and I've lived here for 30 years, and I'm a great believer in destiny, and I sort of think that you'd have to be almost designed in the situation I'm in for someone like me in order to give them the freedom, to do what I can do, is to take that and let that anger and often hatred come out."

Wow. One of the country's biggest names in philosophy and ethics believes in destiny -- that she was made to be alone and strong. Read her lips: There is no such thing as free will.


# re: Giving Margaret Somerville the last word
June 27, 2006 11:38 AM
You're dreamy.
# re: Giving Margaret Somerville the last word
June 24, 2006 6:11 PM
Check out The Flink'seye-witness on the Somerville debacle: