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The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter

Cats are sooo emotionally manipulative.

I dutifully blogged this morning -- writing as fast as I could to meet the self-imposed deadline of posting before I had to be out of the house. And ba-ding! Right on schedule, I scooped up the youngest for a trip to the vet. Er, in this case, "youngest" means a charmingly crabby coot of senior years, who needed a blood test. And after he'd been grabbed and immobilized and poked and bled, he flattened himself against the metal table top, extended his claws over the edges, and refused to meet my eyes.

I'd shift into his field of vision, and he'd stubbornly move his whole head away from me.

It was like comforting a child -- except that they grow up and become more sophisticated. They change! Cats are forever simple. Within a few minutes, that kitty's Very Small Brain caused him to forget all the trauma and demand a snuggle.

Are those who consciously eschew, say, children, in favour of felines, hopelessly addicted to the emotional certainty of the four-legged creature? To the guaranteed adoration of the stunted pet?

I understand that cat. I appreciate those simple emotional responses. After all these many years, I'd be lost if he showed any sign of evolution.