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I'll glue some pretty petals to it

Quebec's new blanket ban on smoking in bars, restos and (gasp!) bingo halls will result in 135 tonnes of ashtrays in landfills. (No, I don't know how they came up with this imaginary number. Stop questioning authority.)

This morning's Gazoo notes that Recyc-Quebec is asking ashtray owners to drop them off, before June 30, at one of the province's 26 ecocentres. The glass ones can't be popped into regular recycling bins because the quartz is so thick it'll gum up the machines, and each needs to be pulverized separately.

Metal ashtrays can also be recycled. As for the porcelain and ceramic, Recyc-Quebec is going to push artists to take them for use as artistic materials: I guess bureaucrats are hoping for some socialist realism? Unless artists are so poor they can't even afford ashtrays? I rather wish the state would offer the ciggies, instead.


# re: I'll glue some pretty petals to it
June 1, 2006 1:28 PM
SEOUL (AP) - Getting into a university in North Korea will come with a new requirement for students - giving up smoking.

For years, the communist country has been staging an anti-smoking campaign, with leader Kim Jong Il even calling smokers one of the "three main fools of the 21st century," along with people ignorant of music and computers.

And in Aussi-land:

SYDNEY (Reuters) - May the Butt Force be with you. Sydney, Australia's largest city, has had enough of careless smokers who dispose of their butts in the street.

Coinciding with World No Tobacco Day Wednesday, a team of 30 plain-clothed rangers were prowling Sydney streets as part of an anti-smoking and litter crackdown.