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Would you put your girly bits in the hands of this man?

"Rael launches the 'ADOPT A CLITORIS' program to fight against sexual mutilation.

"Following the announcement made by Dr. Lankonade, OBGYN in Burkina Faso, stating that women and children of all ages who have suffered the indignation and torture of clitoral excise (the equivalent of male castration in its barbarity) now have the chance to regain sexual pleasure and once again be whole thanks to medical advances and the progression of science, RAEL, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, decided to help as many women as possible to regain their sense of pleasure and founded CLITORAID, a private non-profit organization that will sponsor those who want to have their clitoris rebuilt.

"Clitoraid’s “Adopt a Clitoris” program creates real, lasting changes for women who had been forced to experience clitoral excise against their will. To recreate the female clitoris, a local anesthetic is applied so that no pain is experienced when the surgeon uncovers the root left after the mutilation, which will become the new clitoris. It takes six weeks to completely heal from the procedure, with sexual pleasure and genetic normalcy being the end result.

"The cost of the operation is $500 (US), which is what some African women would earn in two year’s salary. They need help. Clitoraid’s ambition is to help all women who are dreaming to be whole again. By adopting a clitoris in part or in full, people can not only help a woman return to her original form, which was taken from her by primitive and barbaric means, but it will also be fundamental in the cease and desist of clitoral mutilation in the future! This must end!

"Banemanie, a Raelian Bishop-Guide in Burkina Faso was among the first women to experience the operation and discover her new sense of pleasure. Her profoundly moving testimony is available on

"The promotion of this action will be done by all regional antennas of the Raelian Movement around the world and any organization who wants to join our efforts. The first promotion will take place in Las Vegas this coming Wednesday May 17th, when the hundreds of participants in the Raelian seminar given by Rael (spiritual leader) will organize a massive fund raising downtown in order to help these women financially."

(ADDENDUM Thanks to Allison for this one!)


# re: Would you put your girly bits in the hands of this man?
May 28, 2006 1:57 PM
Oples responds: Rael cares about publicity and about his comfy little home, paid for by followers (at least, the aliens told him to have one built, eh). The cloning crap also proves Rael to be a liar.

So no, I would not entrust anything to this man, much less my privates. And no one on this blog needs you to lecture us about female genital mutilation, you condescending git.
# re: Would you put your girly bits in the hands of this man?
May 27, 2006 9:38 PM
In your title it is very strange that you write ' the hands of this man' meaning in the hands of Rael when you should have written ' the hands of these men' because both of them, Dr. Lankonade and Rael, are helping these women.

Know let's imagine you are 11, 12 or 13 years old. You probably already know what it's like to masturbate and the pleasures you have from it - even though you don't know why you feel that way, you do it any how because it's extremely pleasurable, and you want to do it more often.

One day, women strangers come knocking at your door. Your mom greets them and brings them in another room. She comes back and asks you to go to the other room where the women are. You don't know why your mom is asking this but you do it anyway. You are in the room and all of a sudden two of the women grab your arms and pin you to the ground holding your arms so you won't move. The two other women hold your legs to the ground, all that time you are wondering what is happening and you are very very scared. Then a fifth women grabs a knife and starts cuting your unanesthesized clitoris - the cutting is done cold turkey ..You are in excruciating pain and you are crying however you cannot yell because you have a rag in your mouth. And every second feels like hours.

After this mutilation, you develop a very high fever because the cut left from the excision is not healing well at all and you almost die from it.
You cannot go to the toilet normaly because you are in pain, you cannot play with your friends or go to school for several months because you are at home recovering from the fever that almost killed you. Just imagine the horror of this happening to you...but, but....ah! it was just a dream, you wake up and your fine.

For millions of African women, this is not a dream where they will wake up and be ok...this is their reality and they have to live with this barbaric, monstorous horror for the rest of their lifes, or will die because of it.

But know the table is turning, thanks to Dr. Lankonade who invented the technic to replace women's clitoris, he is a hero to all these women but a lot of them cannot pay the cost of this procedure because they are poor, very poor. Africa is the poorist continent in the world.

So, my answer is YES, YES, YES, I would, without hesitation, put my girly bits in the hands of Rael and Dr. Lankonade - these men are heroes....If I were in these women's shoes I would feel extremely proud and honored and would not hesitate for one moment to take money given to me by Clitoraid in order to have this operation and make my life full and happy again. Wouldn't you?

Viedamour Elliott
Member of the International Raelian Movement