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More is better

Catching up on media nooze today. Tranna Star media columnist Antonia Zerbisias blogged about the need for Arabic news network Al-Jazeera to come to North America. Would Americans who hate Al-Jazeera "prefer to rip up the U.S. constitution and muzzle all the media -- or just the (non-American-controlled) media that originate from Arabic countries and might show a different perspective than the lapdog corporations stateside?"

Zerby writes: "Al-Jazeera International is negotiating cable and satellite distribution in the U.S. right now, and you can bet the same thing is going on in Canada. But odds are, the same forces that prevented the Arabic-language original from getting on our dial (legally) are already lobbying to ensure we don't see the English version.

"If you care about getting this channel on your dial, write your cable and satellite operator NOW."