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The examined life

One of the left's great lapses is its inability to truly cope with the abortion issue. I don't mean that we don't take a stand on abortion -- there's an assumption that a good leftie is pro choice. I am.

And those who massed on Parliament Hill yesterday calling for restrictions on abortion are considered to be on the religious right. Most of them probably are.

Abortion has been a victory for the left in Canada (though access, less so). In terms of the media and the public eye, the left has, largely successfully, transformed the debate into one of choice. And so it is.

But as with so many issues, there is more than one truth. That fetus is being treated like a dumb beast, although, hopefully, mercifully. This treatment is a fact that each individual woman who undergoes an abortion already knows. But it's also something we as a movement must acknowledge and cope with. Because that's reality, too.